Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Doctors and Medical Practices

Custom web design can help you stand apart from other medical practices. But you have to get found before you can distinguish yourself. Search engine optimization from helps you climb organic search results rankings so that you appear where prospective patients are looking for you.

Optimization Is Not Optional

If you want your website to be your most powerful marketing tool, then SEO is absolutely essential. Search engine crawlers (bots) will find any website on the internet, but that doesn’t mean your target audience will. A few statistics to clarify:

These stats are from a 2014 study.* With new developments in mobile search and the presentation of Rich Snippets and Rich Cards, even 5% of web traffic to Page 2 and lower results is likely an overestimation.

The takeaway: you need search engine optimization to get your website to the top of organic listings to have a chance of being seen by your prospective clients and patients.

SEO Done Right

In the early days of the internet, there were multiple ways to “game the system” to achieve higher rankings with little work. We call them gray hat and black hat SEO. Search engine algorithm updates have largely rendered most of these practices ineffective, possibly even detrimental to your website rankings…but that doesn’t mean that some so-called internet marketing professionals don’t use them.

At we do optimization right, and that means:

Our experienced SEO professionals attend to every on-page and off-page element that impacts your ranking performance…and we check them all regularly to maintain or improve your SERP position.

To get your medical practice visible at the top of SERPs, contact to schedule a free consultation.

* Advanced Web Ranking. Google Organic CTR Study 2014.